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A New Leaf

Making the transition from Dallas to Plano or reverse, Plano to Dallas might seem like an easy transition to outsiders, but North Texans know the difference is night and day.

We met beautiful Jennifer Costello with long, luscious blonde hair and living in the heart of Dallas. After conquering physical and emotional challenges that would have left any girl drained of energy, Costello chose to take full advantage of this opportunity/blessing in disguise. She reinvented herself and made the move across 635 to Collin County.

Here’s the thing: when life takes a turn, (or frankly, kicks your ass) you can either see the opportunity or get crushed under the weight. If you lean on those who truly love you no matter what, the hills are a little easier to climb. Jennifer, who has family and close friends in Collin County, picked up her life and moved to a quieter side of the metroplex, still just minutes away from exciting Dallas.

And why not? If you are feeling stuck where you are or weak under the pressure of stress, health, etc — why not consider a physical change? A move North (or South)? Why not consider trading in the tried & true for the mysterious and new? Like Summer changing into Autumn, shedding those heavy old leaves that weigh you down creates room for bigger and better things next Spring!

We love Jennifer’s positive energy and appetite for life. Plus we think her new, ultra-short brunette style is super Fall Chic! Here’s a sneak peek at one of her fabulous high end portraits , taken in our Downtown Plano Texas studio.






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